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Sue’s depression was worsening. Now hospitalized, she had stopped eating. And the clock was ticking.

Her insurance would over cover three more days. As a therapist, I was stumped – until a fellow psychologist heard me tell her story and said, “I wonder if she has any secrets.”

The next day I asked Sue, “Are there any secrets in your life you need to share with me?”  I barely got the question out when she broke down and began to tell me what happened:

“One night, after putting my two kids to bed, Jake, who’s eight, woke me up with cries that our apartment was on fire. Somehow he got out. Frantic to unlock another door, I let go of Stevie, my four-year-old. Overcome by smoke, I staggered outside. Only later when the flames were out, was I allowed to back inside only to find Stevie had died.”

“My fire alarm had gone off a week before – and I didn’t replace it. I killed my son over a 97-cent dead battery. That’s why I decided to starve myself.”

The next day at the hospital, one of the nurses stopped me and asked, “What’s happened to Sue?” 

“What do you mean?” I replied. The nurse said, “She’s started eating.”

When I saw Sue, I realized something had definitely changed. “I don’t know, she said, “but I’m thinking I can live now.”

By telling her secret, Sue moved away from the edge of guilt and found a new reason to live. 

Sue’s name has been changed to ensure confidentiality.
This story is told with her permission.