Ron, the recovery group facilitator, became more and more baffled.

Every week, Meg, a participant, talked openly about her years of abuse. And yet every week when he glanced at her workbook, Ron saw that the pages were blank.

 “How could you tell us so much without doing the homework and writing anything down?” he asked.

 “Oh,” she said, “I write down all of my answers in pencil, then the night before I come to our group I erase everything. That way I can keep others from knowing me, hurting me, or harming me – because for years that’s all I’ve known.”

 As Meg talked, the entire group began to weep with her. Ron looked at Meg and said, “My hope and prayer for you is that someday you can write down your answers and feel safe, knowing you’re accepted unconditionally by every person in this group.”

 At the next group session, Ron couldn’t help but notice the pages of Meg’s book. No longer were they blank. “I see you’ve written in pen,” he said.

 “After our last gathering,” said Meg, “I decided I could trust God and that I could tell you the truth. I realized that what I wrote wouldn’t be used as a weapon against me.”

Meg’s name has been changed to ensure confidentiality.
This story is told with her permission.