Through compassionate listening, total confidentiality and an established biblically-based approach to counseling and recovery groups, Restoration Counseling Services helps individuals, couples and families move beyond the tough stuff of life and discover hope, healing and a new way to live.

Dr. Jeff McFarlane, Clinical Director for Restoration Counseling Services, answers a few of the most often-asked questions:

What areas of need do you cover?
What is restoration?
What is biblically-based Christian counseling?
How much does counseling cost?
How do you work with churches?
How do I make an appointment?

What areas of need do you cover? __top


Our trained, experienced staff is able to address a wide-range
of situations, including:

life transitions
spiritual direction
women’s issues

Counselors are usually available in three to five days.
For appointments, call 206.533.9984

Recovery Groups

Need-based recovery groups give adults a safe, confidential setting to face tough issues. These can range from addictions to alcohol and pornography to issues family of origin, abuse and other harmful matters.

Recovery groups are facilitated by lay people who are trained to cultivate meaningful listening, guide constructive discussion and deepen the opportunities for meaningful, lasting outcomes.

As a group meets, people begin to unpack their story. In the company of other caring, concerned individuals, they gain new understanding of themselves, a deeper appreciation of God and His grace, and the emerging confidence and joy of experiencing healing.

Recovery groups, which usually involve homework and individual study and reflection, typically last three months.


What is restoration? __ top

The popular television show, “This Old House” featured skilled craftsmen who restored aging, often decaying structures. Imagine how surprised I was when the show came to my small New England hometown and decided to restore a decrepit barn my friends and I used to play around. The crew was going to turn the barn into a beautiful home, but soon discovered the roof was bad, and the siding was worse. In fact, the only thing worth saving was one six-foot beam, they grafted into the new structure.

It doesn’t matter how much of one’s life is in disrepair; God is committed to the process of restoration. He loves us so much that He will keep at it in loving, nurturing ways to restore us and make us new.  

The Bible tells us clearly that God is about bringing wholeness and completeness to our lives. God has paved the way for transformation to occur.   1 Peter 5:10 says “The God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.”

God’s marvelous nature, His relationship with us can be summed up in one word -- restoration. Fishermen in Jesus’ time understood this reality. After a long day, regardless of the size of their catch they knew they had to repair – that is, restore -- their nets. That’s restoration.

What is biblically-based Christian counseling? __top

Biblically-based counseling draws on the Word of God, the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to be in a trusted, safe, confidential setting that allows people to face personal issues and experience hope, healing and a new way to live.

Secular counseling helps people change, live life better and identify new behavioral skills. Biblically-based counseling is different.

Through biblically-based counseling, God comes to bear at the very center of a person’s life. It’s about significant transformation from the inside out. Whether it’s through counseling or need-based recovery groups, restoration is the work of God bringing us back to Himself in a powerful, life-changing way.


How much does counseling cost? __top

Counseling is billed at a rate per session based on the degree/experience of each therapist. We are contracted with most major insurance companies. We encourage clients to contact their health insurance provider prior to their session to find out about coverage/limitations. On a case-by-case basis we will work on a sliding scale based on income. Each client is responsible to work out payment arrangements with their therapist. Though the number of sessions varies based on the needs of an individual, couple or family, many people make meaningful progress in three to four sessions. Follow-up sessions are optional and often beneficial.


How do you work with churches? __top

We have developed several effective models to serve the local church. The relationship typically begins with a conversation between a pastor and our Clinical Director, Jeff McFarlane. Based on the needs of senior leadership and the church body, we offer:

  • On-site counseling services that provide the church the equivalent a fulltime therapist at a fraction of the cost
  • Training of need-based recovery group leaders, drawing on able
    church members
  • Continued oversight of an ongoing recovery group ministry designed to
    the entire church community
  • Staff training and individual counseling for church staff
  • Workshops and seminars for the entire church and/or specific ministries within the church

 Our affordable fee structure reflects the range of service we provide. Annual contracts with monthly retainers offer the needed continuity to sustain and grow an effective counseling and recovery group ministry.


How do I make an appointment? __top

Please phone 206.533.9984 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Monday through Friday. Counselors are usually available in three to five days.

Got a question for Jeff? Email him, today.