Explore how Restoration Counseling Services can serve the individuals, couples and families in your congregation and advance your church’s ministry.

“Helping churches advance their ministry is a top priority for us,” says Jeff, a licensed psychologist, with 15 years in counseling and  25 years in church ministry. Our positive, ongoing relationships with pastors and their congregations are built on trust and the shared desire to see God’s intent to restore people (1 Peter 5:10).

“We’re here to listen, learn and discover is there’s a way we can help you fulfill your vision and your church’s impact.
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Order our DVD, “Hope, Healing and a New  Way to Live,” and see how Restoration Counseling Services is serving the church.

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“The changes I’ve seen in individuals involved in recovery groups have been nothing short of phenomenal. It’s something we desperately needed.”

••••Steve Carpenter
••••South Sound Community Church
••••Lacey, Washington

By partnering with Restoration Counseling Services, our church now has a trained, on-site Christian therapist available to work with individuals, couples, families and engaged couples. Through Jeff McFarlane's gifted leadership and a growing recovery group ministry, more people are experiencing healing and a deeper relationship with Christ.

••••Gary Gonzales
••••Lead Pastor
••••Timberlake Christian Fellowship
••••Redmond, Washington

“Because Jeff has been a pastor, he understands what I’m going through and knows the issues I’m dealing with. He’s able to say, “How can I help you?” knowing what it means to come alongside our pastoral team. This is extremely valuable.”

••••Henriet Schapelhouman
••••Pastor of Adult Ministries
••••Timberlake Christian Fellowship
••••Redmond, Washington


Partner. Churches that partner with Restoration Counseling Services are discovering how to advance their ministry through:

  • the equivalent of a full-time, on-site therapist at a fraction of the cost
  • premarital counseling, plus
  • need-based recovery groups that offer adults a safe, confidential place to tell their story
  • the assurance of no more late-night phone calls to the pastor (calls are taken by trained, group leaders
  • professional development and counseling services for church staff 

Based on several successful models, we can work with you and your team to custom-design a plan to meet your needs and goals.

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Order our DVD, “Hope, Healing and a New  Way to Live,” and see how Restoration Counseling Services is serving the church.