For the first time on DVD, Dr. Jeff McFarlane, Clinical Director of Restoration Counseling Services, shares the biblical principles and life-changing stories of this growing ministry that’s serving the church and giving individuals, couples and families hope, healing and a new way to live.

One-on-one Interview with Dr. Jeff McFarlane addressing
12 key questions, including:

What is restoration?
What is biblically-based counseling?
How do recovery groups work?
What is the reward of premarital counseling?
Do you keep secrets?

Stories of Restoration

    “Recovery group saved my life”
    “I was addicted to pornography”
    “My life was spinning out of control”
    “. . . a lot physical and emotional abuse”
    “Getting our marriage off on the right foot . . .”
    “As a pastor . . .”

Bonus Presentations

    The Restoration Principle
    God’s Exchange Rate



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