Phil Maulding, MA, MHCA
Counseling Associate
Mental Health Counselor Associate
WA State License # MC60215192
National Provider Identifier # 1376787531
Individuals, Couples, Premarital

Therapeutic Approach:
Whether individual or marriage counseling, I have a passion for seeing people heal from past emotional wounds, solve current emotional and relationship problems, and recover from dysfunctional patterns and addictions. The goal is to enjoy life in its fullness. Good therapy starts with the development of a trusting relationship with the therapist and an exploration of the problem that has brought the client to therapy. From that point, the client and therapist can work together to determine what is needed for growth and more satisfying and meaning-filled living.

Qualifications and Experience:
I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Whitworth College (Spokane, WA) and a Masters of Arts in Counseling from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology (Seattle, WA). In addition to working at Restoration Counseling, I have worked as a counselor with Institute for Family Development, Cannon Hill Home for Boys, and Whatcom County Fire Department/Support Officers. Since 1999, I have been working as a full-time pastor where my duties include pastoral counseling.

How to Contact Me:
You may contact me through Restoration Counseling Services at
206-533-9984 or by
e-mail at:

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Phil Maulding