Carol Lundemo MA, LMHC

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Depression, Anxiety

A Seattle native, I enjoy crafts, baking, home decorating and spending time with my husband and young adult children. I love God and believe in the transformative power of His Almighty help with our problems. As a former Sunday school teacher, Vacation Bible School teacher and former president of Women's Ministries, I continue to be very involved with my church. I believe Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. 

Master's in Counseling/Psychology from NW University
Bachelor Degree from Seattle Pacific University

Qualifications and Experience:
-Volunteer with New Horizons Ministries
-Volunteer at the Samaritan Center of Puget Sound
-Volunteer Facilitator: North Seattle Depression After Delivery support group
-Volunteer with the Seattle OCD support group - Swedish Hospital
-Co-Facilitator: Seattle Teenage OCD support group
-Led OCD Support Group at church
-Educational Seminars about OCD

Therapeutic Approach:
I believe it is possible to live a meaningful life that is not controlled by fear. It is unnecessary to suffer in silence because help and proper treatment are available! Having met and successfully counseled many people of all ages struggling with OCD, I specialize in this disorder, but also treat many who wrestle with anxiety and depression. OCD affects one in 40 individuals and in addition to typical stereotypes, such as excessive hand washing, OCD can involve frightening, disruptive and often terrifying thoughts. To neutralize the bad thoughts, focus on the good and/or reduce anxiety, certain behaviors become repetitive and eventually compulsive. Shame, guilt and fear are prevalent and sufferers often feel alone and worry they are going crazy. There is hope!

I am very experienced in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is the only evidence-based treatment proven to provide effective results for sufferers particularly with OCD, but also with anxiety, perfectionism and depression. The therapy involves Exposure and Response Prevention which means taking little steps to correct thinking, challenge thoughts and rituals and learn to tolerate discomfort.

How to Contact Me:
I can be reached by calling 206-235-8587 or our confidential line at 206-533-9984. E-mail:

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Carol Lundemo