Pastors with counseling demands now have a trusted resource to ease their load and, better yet, advance their church’s ministry

A licensed therapist with 15 years in counseling and 25 years in church ministry, Dr. Jeff McFarlane is Clinical Director of Restoration Counseling Services, which serves churches and faith-based organizations through need-based recovery groups, along with biblically-based counseling for individuals, couples and families.

What’s the first thing most pastors want to know about your counseling?

They’re curious about the price and are encouraged to learn that Restoration Counseling Services offers a church the equivalent of a full-time on-site therapist at a fraction of the cost. This frees up a pastor to devote more time to other priorities. Plus, they love the fact that people who experience healing, wholeness and restoration through recovery groups and therapy reinvigorate the body of Christ and help the church fulfill its ministry.

What is restoration?

Restoration is the process of getting well through the presence of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. In the popular TV show “This Old House,” a skilled professional comes alongside homeowners to improve their house and return it to its original intent. This is what biblically-based counseling is all about. God is committed to the spiritual restoration of our lives (1 Peter 5: 6-12). For some, the restoration work focuses on a specific area of miscommunication, a targeted task of, let’s say, repairing a roof. Others are living with deeper issues and urgent symptoms like addiction, suicide and divorce. Understanding the causes behind these issues means realizing a part of the foundation is rotted and needs replacing.

What do people look for in a counselor?

They want to feel safe. They want someone who really knows how to listen and help them identify what they’re going through. A feeling of trust and safety gives a person the freedom to tell his or her story with the assurance of total confidentiality. Telling one’s story is the beginning of healing. I grew up with alcoholic parents. I’ve faced these and other destructive issues and have experienced major personal restoration. I’ve been transformed through the same principles and approaches I use in therapy and in training recovery group leaders.

Why are pastors and churches increasingly open to
recovery groups?

They like fact that people who’ve experienced brokenness now have a safe, confidential setting with others who will listen. People are finding God’s grace, acceptance and transformation through mutual caring, accountability, encouragement and support. Another plus: Because we train recovery group leaders to do follow up, pastors don’t have to take any late-night phone calls.

What if a pastor or other church leader wants to know more?

Please call me direct at 206.533.9984, or email me at:

We also offer a DVD with 20 informative segments, arranged by topic, that shows how churches, individuals, couples and families are benefiting from our biblical-based counseling and recovery group ministry.

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