In the last six months . . .

Has a church member told you about an addiction to alcohol, pornography or drugs, and you weren't sure of what resources existed (beyond prayer) to help him or her?

Have you looked back at your premarital counseling load and thought, "This is too much. I could use some help?"

Have you been approached by a couple who's struggling in their marriage and then realized you didn't have the time to meet with them?

Has someone on your church staff been struggling with an issue, and you realize it will require resources beyond yourself?

Has a youth staffer told you about a troubled adolescent he or she cares about but doesn't know how to give this person the help they need?

Have you met someone who attends a 12-step group and desires to find biblical answers?

Has someone walked in off the street and caused you to say to yourself, "What on earth are we going to do with this person?"

Have you met someone with an addiction who needs accountability and a place to grow - and while you know you can't be that person you wish you could develop a ministry for him or her and the community at large?

Do you know hurting people who need a safe place to tell their story?

Do you continue to ponder and pray about what still needs doing to meet the needs of your community? 

Dr. Jeff McFarlane
Clinical Director
Restoration Counseling Services

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